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Update by user Nov 05, 2012

I am happy to report that after a little work with Lenny I was able to resolve my issues with the dealership.

My expirence concluded on a very positive note, thanks to Lenny\'s willingness to help.

Update by user Nov 21, 2011

It has been over a month and still nothing!I even offered to have Lenny....with his own mechanic to inspect the vehicle.....he never responded.

It has now been turned over to the legal system.

I am very confident as to the end result.Keep reading and searching reviews...the more you learn the more you will notice a pattern of lies and deception by Lenny, Lencore Leasing and North jersey Auto Mall!

Original review posted by user Oct 21, 2011

Lenny Belot, owner of the North Jersey Auto Mall, d/b/a DCH Motors Nj, d/b/a Lencore leasing has a long history of deceptive and unethical business practices.Do your homework and contact the New Jersey States Attorney office Division of Consumer Affairs and they can give you details regarding numerous complaints logged against them.

I have also heard that they an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. They keep changing their name to try and shake the endless bad posts bad suits that follow them.

I have learned that this is true. Lenny misrepresented the vehicle online and significant mechanical issues existed with vehicle that were not disclosed. The car also had many missing and damaged parts and features Lenny promised to replace.

Time after time he said he mailed it and never did.

He actually said he mailed it "and called it back".....classic BS!Do yourself a favor STAY AWAY from this dealer......nothing but trouble whatever their name might be that day!

Review about: Used Car Dealer.


Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #667752

I bought A 2001 BMW 740iL from these guys back when they called them selves Lencore group in 2009. The pictures of the car on eBay were amazing, absolutely the perfect low mileage 740, oh and with a 4 year warranty! As others have stated, they very carefully take pictures of the car's good parts and leave out anything broken in the pictures. It was missing one of the rear door sunshades, another one was broken, the washer jets on the head lights had broken nozzles, and it was missing the owners manuals and NAV CD's, which were pictures in the ad. In cleaning the car Lenny managed to miss the sidewalk chalk that was hiding under the front seat.

The biggest issue though was that I specifically paid extra for the car just to get that 4 year warranty. Apparently all the warranty was, was a piece of paper with the word warranty printed on it in big font, I never saw any other part of it.

After 2 months of bothering them I did actually get the owners manuals and nav CD. It has actually been a good car but I sure as heck would never go back to them again for a car.


Wow. I was going to be a Jag from them but not now...not after reading all these horribel reviews.


This business defrauded me.I bought a 2005 Audi S4 from them in September 2011 for retail price.

The pictures of the car were beautiful, only they were taken very carefully so as not to include photographs of the "dummy lights," glove box, or dashboard area. I would soon know why. The employees listed above told me during the negotiating process that the car was mechanically perfect and cosmetically perfect. They said it was completely perfect in every way, and that it even had new tires.

When the car arrived on the truck, it was a complete salvage disaster. The airbag was exploded out of the dashboard, the glove box was broken, the air conditioning system was not even attached to the cabin vents, and various other parts and features were broken and missing. For about 20 grand (retail value for a perfect example), I got a car with no working headlights, no working windshield wipers, an engine leaking about 6 ounces of oil per day, and no bluetooth phone, which Bobby told me the car did in fact have. They refused to take the car back, and I had to sue them and report them to the New Jersey Attorney General.

The lawsuit is ongoing. I paid over six thousand dollars to make the car legal and safe to operate on the road, and when it came out of the mechanics shop eight weeks later, it broke down again after a week.

When I got it back that time, it broke after about three months of use and remains broken and inoperable because I cannot put another several thousand dollars in the car.Don't buy from these criminals.


I purchased a 2002 Volvo from North Jersey Auto Mall also known as Lencore Auto Group of Paterson, NJ in May 2011 after seeing it listed on eBay. I had extensive telephone conversations with Lenny Belot who verbally represented the automobile in “excellent physical condition and in perfect mechanical shape” during each telephone call before and after the purchase.

Lenny insisted the automobile was worth high blue book because the car was low mileage and was “flawless, mint and without any scratches, dents or dings.” He said he drove the car several times, taking it home to show his wife because “the car was just like brand new” even though it was a 2002 model.

Before the car was shipped to me in California Lenny cautioned, “be sure to check the car for body damage and rock chips by the auto shipper when you get it. This car is perfect and doesn’t have a scratch.”

I called Lenny immediately upon receiving the car to express my concern on the physical and mechanical condition. There were obvious signs of body damage and the car drove with a significant vibration.

Lenny initially denied any physical body damages and wanted me to pursue an insurance claim with the auto shipper saying it was their fault. He continued to claim the car “was perfect when it left” and that damage had to be caused by the shipper and to make an insurance claim for damages with the shipper.

However, shipping records from Corporate Auto Movers, signed by Lenny’s staff clearly call out significant pre-existing body damage including obvious signs of an accident repair and re-spray on the left side and dents on both right side driver and passenger doors.

Lenny backed down only after being presented with the signed shipping records showing pre-existing damages. I have an estimate to repair the body damage of $2, 081.61.

Additionally I spent $1, 436.72 to replace a defective front driveshaft and left side mirror motor and electrical assembly that caused shorts when the car was unlocked remotely. Both issues were easily detected from the first moment I drove the car and repairs were required for safe vehicle operation. I believe these issues were so obvious that they should have been known by others driving the car beforehand.

Lenny initially said he would provide monetary compensation to fix the vehicle and make me happy. However, repeated efforts to resolve this claim with Lenny were unsuccessful. Ultimately I took Lenny Belot and Lencore Auto Group to Small Claims Court in NJ and settled. There was one other party suing Lencore the same day I was there.

Lencore has a BBB rating of “F” which is not unexpected given the numerous online posts. Lenny Belot and Bobby Marmo are expert salesmen and masters of the ***. They are advantaged when selling to out of state purchasers.

Here is a recap of my lessons learned. 1) Have the car inspected by a reputable company, 2) look at the online reputation of the company you do business with, 3) check online with the local BBB. Had I done this I would have found significant reasons not to do business with Lencore Auto Group or North Jersey Auto Mall.

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